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Stunning & Stimulation


Electrical Beef Stunner

The Jarvis electric stun box for humane cattle stunning.

“The best way to stun or kill cattle.”

  • Fast, completes stunning procedure in a few seconds
  • Economical to operate, plus rugged construction ensures long service life
  • Designed for Halal stunning as well as a traditional knocking box
  • Used throughout New Zealand and around the world for high production kills
  • Uses approved stun parameters

Automatic Sheep Stunner

Used for automatic electric stunning of sheep.

  • Fully automatic
  • Capable of rates up to 600/hour
  • Full kill or Halal stun
  • Economical
  • Heavy Duty
  • High performance
  • Brochure


Manual Sheep Stunner Model MS105

Used for manual stunning of sheep and bobby calves.

  • Dual anti tie down controls
  • Six current settings
  • Adjustable stun times
  • Auto stun check
  • Economical
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance
  • Brochure


Model 1J Handset

The Jarvis Model 1J Handset. Used for head only Halal stunning.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Economical
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance
  • Documents Brochure  Parts Diagram


Model 2A Handset

The Jarvis Model 2A Handset. Used for head to back full kill stunning.

  • Can be modified for head only stun
  • Internal water spray
  • Easy to operate
  • Economical
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance
  • Documents Brochure  Parts Diagram

Model 1C Handset

The Jarvis Model 1C Handset.

  • Higher quality stun – constant pressure between animal and electrode ensures high quality stun.
  • Operator friendly – pneumatic power reduces the physical effort of stunning.
  • Suitable for Halal killing processes.
  • Completely interchangeable with existing model 1/1J head-only stunners with minimal modifications
  • High strength plastic construction.
  • Documents Brouchure   Parts Diagram



Low-Voltage Sheep Stimulation

Used for low voltage stimulation and immobilisation.

  • No operator required
  • Eliminates post stun kicking
  • Economical
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance
  • Brochure

Variable Frequency Stimulation

The Jarvis Variable Frequency Stimulater.

  • Used for Stimulation and Immobilisation
  • Can be set to be touch or work safe
  • Variable current and Voltage for greater Ph control