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Other Machinery


Hot Brander

The Jarvis Hot Brander.


Steam Vac

The Jarvis Steam Handle Assembly for Acid – ideal tool for steam, lactic and citric acid removal of carcass bacteria.

  • Specifically designed for applying steam, lactic and citric acid for pre-pattern and pre-hide cleaning operations.
  • Removes bacteria from opened areas on beef, pork, lamb and veal carcasses.
  • Four and eight inch size nozzles available for specific applications.
  • Lightweight handpiece for optimum operator comfort and manoeuvrability.
  • All stainless construction for maximum hygiene.
  • Brochure


Brisket Roller

The Brisket Roller consists of a pair of horizontal fingers that grip the breast skin, rotating back to clear it.

  • Hydraulically operated
  • Moves freely with the carcass on a runway.
  • Includes counterweight.


Cattle Non-Return Gates

The Jetco Cattle Non-Return Gate.

  • Simple maintenance-free operation.
  • Control stock movement in the race.
  • Stock can see ahead, and will follow the leader.
  • Easy install. Simply bolt on where required.
  • Economical
  • Heavy duty
  • High performance
  • Brochure

Data Logger

The Jetco Data Logger

  • Records stun details.
  • Records current reached.
  • Records stun duration.
  • Records failed stuns.
  • Easily retrofitted to existing electrical stun systems.